ATF Approves Modified 41P NFA Rule Change 01/04/2016

Here is what is changing regarding NFA items including SBR, SBS and Silencers:

For the next 180 days (6 months) the current NFA rules apply.

– In 181 days (6 months) from 1/4/2016 CLEO certification goes away and it becomes CLEO notification for both trusts and individuals. (This is good).

– In 181 days (6 months) from 1/4/2016 every responsible person on a trust has to get a background check including fingerprints and photographs.


– This is not retroactive and does not apply to applications that are pending, or to previously approved applications for existing legal entities and trusts.  Anything that is in process before the effective date will be grandfathered under the current rules .


– The ruling provides a response to what happens when a person or entity that owns a trust dies.  The person who is authorized to dispose of the property of an estate may possess a firearm or other item (such as a silencer) that is registered to a decedent during the term of probate without such possession being treated as a transfer under the NFA.  Also, any transfer of the NFA item to any beneficiary of the estate is tax exempt.


We knew it was coming but it’s not a game changer at all. In some ways it better.

You can read the ruling here: