MKS Maker of High-Point and Inland Firearms Ends Its Relationship With Dick’s Sporting Goods

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MKS is Ohio based and has announced that based on anti-gun rights actions taken by the US retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods aks Field and Stream, they will no longer sell to them.

Good for you MKS!

Dick’s reported, on May 30th, good financial results for the first quarter, but I believe it is too soon to see the results of their actions. It takes a bit of time for word to spread, they likely still have inventory to sell and it takes time for people to change shopping habits. Next quarter will likely show the impact.

I know that everyone I interact with has stopped shopping there. So keep sharing the stories of what Dick’s is up too!

Nobody wants a company to fail so hopefully they will change their silly policial course and realize that guns are not the issue.

Humans are the issue at hand and recently BULLYING of school children. Bullying that was so severe, that children killed other children. Did you read that correctly? Children killing children due to bullying! That’s a serious social issue that needs a solution ASAP!

Guns are just an inanimate object or a tool. No different than a knife or a fork or brick or a golf club or an automobile.