Colt Manufacturing Has Decided To Stop Supplying AR-15s To The Civilian Market

Colt recently announced it will stop manufacturing their AR-15 lines for sale to the civilian market.

They cite overall excess market manufacturing capacity (AKA the AR-15 market is flooded with product) and most of their AR building capacity is currently dedicated to high volume military and police contracts.

Interesting development.

You can read Colt’s comments about it here:

Colt AR-15 Pic

Uninformed US Senators Sponsor Anti-Silencer Bill

You have to love it when our elected officials make decisions and author bills without a complete understanding of the topic at hand.

They want to ban silencers as they think only criminals own them. I guess around 500,000 people who own them legally are criminals.

The “Help Empower Americans to Respond Act of 2019” or the “HEAR Act” aims to outlaw legal ownership of silencers (except the usual exceptions of law enforcement and the government).

I suggest reading any of these articles to learn more about this bill and see the ignorance with your own eyes. How do these people get elected?


According to a news release from the BATFE, they had a change in contract lockbox services from Bank of America in Atlanta, GA to U.S. Bank in Portland, OR.

I always wondered how long the gun hating Bank of America would keep processing forms for the ATF.

The new mailing address for NFA forms is:

Firearms & Explosives Imports Branch (ATF Form 4587)
P.O. Box 6200-17
Portland, OR 97228-6200

Federal Explosives Licensing Center (ATF Form 5400.13/16)
P.O. Box 6200-18
Portland, OR 97228-6200

National Firearms Act Division (ATF Forms 1 and 4)
P.O. Box 5015
Portland, OR 97208-5015

Federal Firearms Licensing Center (ATF Forms 7 and 8)
P.O. Box 6200-20
Portland, OR 97228-6200

Special Occupational Tax (SOT) – NFA (ATF Form 5630.7)
P.O. Box 6200-13
Portland, OR 97228-6200

Applications received at the old Atlanta, GA address after February 1, 2019, will be forwarded overnight to the new Portland, OR address for 90 days ONLY.

GOA Pro 2nd Amendment Group Files Lawsuit To Challenge ATF Bump Stock Ban

The Gun Owners of America, The Gun Owners Foundation, The Virginia Citizens Defense League on Wednesday filed a lawsuit in the Michigan
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals against Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker over the bump stock ban.

You can read more here as well as see the full text of the lawsuit:

MKS Maker of High-Point and Inland Firearms Ends Its Relationship With Dick’s Sporting Goods

Hi-Point Firearms LogoInland Firearms Logo

MKS is Ohio based and has announced that based on anti-gun rights actions taken by the US retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods aks Field and Stream, they will no longer sell to them.

Good for you MKS!

Dick’s reported, on May 30th, good financial results for the first quarter, but I believe it is too soon to see the results of their actions. It takes a bit of time for word to spread, they likely still have inventory to sell and it takes time for people to change shopping habits. Next quarter will likely show the impact.

I know that everyone I interact with has stopped shopping there. So keep sharing the stories of what Dick’s is up too!

Nobody wants a company to fail so hopefully they will change their silly policial course and realize that guns are not the issue.

Humans are the issue at hand and recently BULLYING of school children. Bullying that was so severe, that children killed other children. Did you read that correctly? Children killing children due to bullying! That’s a serious social issue that needs a solution ASAP!

Guns are just an inanimate object or a tool. No different than a knife or a fork or brick or a golf club or an automobile.

Mossberg Firearms Ends Its Relationship With Dick’s Sporting Goods

On May 9th Mossberg made this press release:

NORTH HAVEN, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., a leading American firearms manufacturer, announced today its decision to discontinue selling products to Dick’s Sporting Goods, and its subsidiary, Field & Stream, in response to their hiring of gun control lobbyists in April 2018.

Effective immediately, O.F. Mossberg & Sons will not accept any future orders from Dick’s Sporting Goods or Field & Stream, and is in the process of evaluating current contractual agreements.

“It has come to our attention that Dick’s Sporting Goods recently hired lobbyists on Capitol Hill to promote additional gun control.” said Iver Mossberg, Chief Executive Officer of O.F. Mossberg & Sons. “Make no mistake, Mossberg is a staunch supporter of the U.S. Constitution and our Second Amendment rights, and we fully disagree with Dick’s Sporting Goods’ recent anti-Second Amendment actions.”

Consumers are urged to visit one of the thousands of pro-Second Amendment firearm retailers to make their purchases of Mossberg and Maverick® firearms.

Way to go Mossberg!

I wonder will will cut ties next?

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Expels Dick’s Sporting Goods

nssf logo

Today the National Shooting Sports Foundation AKA the NSSF which is the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries voted to expel Dick’s Sporting Goods (and Field and Stream Stores) from membership due to pro-gun control activities which are contrary to the goals of the NSSF.

You can read the NSSF’s news release here:

Way to go NSSF. Who will expel them next?

I find it ridiculous that in the USA we have lost common sense and think that firearms are the problem when its painfully obvious that we have a serious social problem in this country that goes much deeper than more firearm controls that have never proven to resolve any issues.

I don’t fully grasp the concept that, in the USA, the ‘tool’ is to blame for an act that was perpetrated by a human. Should we institute controls for any item that is used to harm another person? For example, rocks, bricks, baseball bats, rope, duct tape,exploding mobile phones and etc.

I hope we can find a common sense solution that works…