Covid-19 Firearms, Ammo and Accessories Update


We’ve been under this new normal for around 7 months.

Due to the Covid-19 Virus ‘pandemic’ our industry continues to experience overwhelming demand. In fact, as of July 2020, there were 5 million first time firearm buyers this year and a record 12.1 million total FBI background checks.

Most firearms, many types of ammo and various accessories have sold out or are in very limited quantities.

Many of the manufacturers have production backorders that need to be filled just to catch up from pre-covid levels. And each day that goes by with this unprecedented demand, puts them further behind.

Also, many firearm, ammo and accessory manufacturers are unable to finish their products due to supply chain material shortages, labor shortages and state and local Covid restrictions.

We get calls and emails all day long with people searching for 9mm,.380, 45, 5.56, .223 and .22lr ammo. As well as people searching for 9mm handguns, shotguns , AR-15s and most hunting rifles. And, sadly, the answer to that request is often no we don’t have it.

Hopefully, next year, this situation will improve. And, more importantly, I hope we find a way to put a stop to Covid.