FBI Crime Report 2014 Released- Crime Drops Again

The FBI has released their Crime in the United States 2014 report.

Some highlights:

Property crimes decreased 4.3% as compared to 2013.

Firearm homicides dropped 3.9% as compared to 2013.

Even though the News media would like you to believe the opposite of this, ALL categories of gun related murders were lower for 2014.

Long guns AKA rifles were utilized in 3% of gun murders. This is a lower percentage than the percentage of deaths attributed to other items such as fists, feet, blunt objects and knives!

Violent crime has decreased 0.2 % as compared to 2013.

Interesting to note that gun ownership has massively increased yet crime rates have fallen.

For example, in the last 15 years NICS gun sale background checks have increased over 81% yet during that same period violent crime has fallen over 18%.