US House Passes Both Concealed Carry and Fix NICS Legislation

The House of Representative passed HR38 which includes the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (CCR)  and the Fix NICS Act.

The CCR act will allow legally licensed concealed carry in any state that issues permits regardless of which state issued a permit. This will make it easier to travel with a lawfully concealed firearm.

The Fix NICS legislation is designed to make sure NICS contains updated disqualifying information so that firearm purchase background checks are correct.


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Latest News on the Hearing Protection Act / Silencer Law Reform

Two interesting articles with recent updates on the attempt to get silencers/suppressors removed from the NFA registry for you to enjoy:


You can buy a silencer here:

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State of Illinois Considering Dealer Licensing Legislation Bill SB 1657

The state of Illinois is considering enacting state level firearms retailer legislation. In its current form the bill would likely cause closure of most firearm retailers in the state.

Here is a basic overview:

  • Dealers would be licensed by a by a five-member board consisting of a police chief, a state police officer, an officer of an anti-gun organization, a lawyer, and an FFL holder.
  • All licensed firearm retailers would be subject to inspection and the licensing board would retain the power to close a retailer at any time based on their definition of public safety reasons.
  • In order to apply for a dealer license the applicant must have worked in a licensed gun shop.
  • The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation would establish dealer licensing fees without any oversight.



If you care about firearms and live in Illinois you need to take action.

Here is a link to the bill:

SB 1657

Here is a link an NSSF document that details the basics and contact numbers of all Illinois state senators. Illinois residents please call your state senator and let them know you oppose this bill. You have to take action.

NSSF SB1657 document


NSSF Announces Results of their FixNICS Campaign

Today the National Shooting Sports Foundation announced the results of their ‘FixNICS’ campaign. Their goal was to help states become reporting members of NICS, especially as related to mental health records.

NICS is the FBI’s background check system used by firearm retailers in most states. The system is only as good as the data it contains and most states were not sending information about individuals who due to their mental health status would be prohibited from owning a firearm.

Please read more details about the goal of the FixNICS campaign and the results here:

FixNICS campaign.



Constitutional Permitless Concealed Handgun Carry Bill Introduced in Michigan

Bills were introduced into the Michigan Legislature which would allow lawful carry of a concealed weapon without the need to obtain a concealed pistol license (CPL).

If it becomes law, it would allow permitless concealed carry making the CPL permit optional. The CPL would still be required for those that want to travel and take advantage of  reciprocity agreements with other states or for those that take utilize their CPL to facilitate firearms purchases.

The following House bills have been assigned to the  House Judiciary Committee :






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Doctors and the CDCP: Suppressors / Silencers Best Method To Prevent Hearing Loss from Gunfire

The Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership published a white paper on Firearm Suppressor / Silencer use recommending making firearm suppressors/silencers readily available to the public as a critical health intervention to prevent hearing loss.

They support the The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (HPA) (H.R. 367 1 and its companion bill S.59 2). Be sure to contact your State representatives and urge them to support these bills.



The NSSF posted about this on their blog as well:


Michigan NRC Approves Hunting With Suppressors / Silencers

On Thursday Feb 11th, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission (NRC) repealed the prohibition on hunting with Silencers / Suppressors!

Finally, Michigan hunters can protect their hearing and that of those around them. As well as protect their hunting animals hearing and reduce the noise pollution that sometimes bothers non-hunters that is created when firing their weapons.

Thank you ASA, Michigan NRC, the Michigan DNR as well as all others who helped make this common sense rule change happen!


ATF Approves Modified 41P NFA Rule Change 01/04/2016

Here is what is changing regarding NFA items including SBR, SBS and Silencers:

For the next 180 days (6 months) the current NFA rules apply.

– In 181 days (6 months) from 1/4/2016 CLEO certification goes away and it becomes CLEO notification for both trusts and individuals. (This is good).

– In 181 days (6 months) from 1/4/2016 every responsible person on a trust has to get a background check including fingerprints and photographs.


– This is not retroactive and does not apply to applications that are pending, or to previously approved applications for existing legal entities and trusts.  Anything that is in process before the effective date will be grandfathered under the current rules .


– The ruling provides a response to what happens when a person or entity that owns a trust dies.  The person who is authorized to dispose of the property of an estate may possess a firearm or other item (such as a silencer) that is registered to a decedent during the term of probate without such possession being treated as a transfer under the NFA.  Also, any transfer of the NFA item to any beneficiary of the estate is tax exempt.


We knew it was coming but it’s not a game changer at all. In some ways it better.

You can read the ruling here:

Michigan to Consider Legalization of Suppressor Hunting

Looks like Michigan is moving forward with possible legalization of suppressor hunting. Read more here:


If you want to support this measure (and you know you do), please contact the Michigan NRC and let them know that you support this initiative (be sure to be polite):


phone: (517) 284-6237.