National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Expels Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Today the National Shooting Sports Foundation AKA the NSSF which is┬áthe trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industries voted to expel Dick’s Sporting Goods (and Field and Stream Stores) from membership due to pro-gun control activities which are contrary to the goals of the NSSF.

You can read the NSSF’s news release here:

Way to go NSSF. Who will expel them next?

I find it ridiculous that in the USA we have lost common sense and think that firearms are the problem when its painfully obvious that we have a serious social problem in this country that goes much deeper than more firearm controls that have never proven to resolve any issues.

I don’t fully grasp the concept that, in the USA, the ‘tool’ is to blame for an act that was perpetrated by a human. Should we institute controls for any item that is used to harm another person? For example, rocks, bricks, baseball bats, rope, duct tape,exploding mobile phones and etc.

I hope we can find a common sense solution that works…

The NSSF, The NRA and The SAF Sue City of Seattle Over New Ammo & Gun Tax

According to this news release, lawsuits have been filed in Seattle over the city’s new so called ‘gun violence tax’ of $25 per firearm and $.05 tax per round of ammo sold ($.02 for 22) as it is contrary to Washington State’s Preemptive laws that forbid cities from regulating the sales of firearms.

Can you believe this? A gun violence tax? WTF is that?

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